Licence Conversions 

Converting to an UK CAA Licence

Converting a foreign licence is a fairly simple process provided that licence is issued in accordance with ICAO guidelines at the PPL(H) level. It is slightly more onerous but by no means impossible at CPL(H) level. ICAO Licences include those issued by the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA], Civil Aviation Safety Authority [CASA], Civil Aviation Authority New Zealand [CAANZ] and Transport Canada [TC].

Medical Certificate

A valid UK Part-MED medical certificate of the appropriate class will need to be held prior to the issue of a UK Part-FCL licence. PPL holders will need to hold at least a valid Class 2 UK medical certificate

ICAO/EASA PPL(H) with more than 100 hours of flight time

The PPL(H) requires Air Law and HP&L theory passes, and training as required at discretion of the ATO (Approved Training Organisation) to pass the PPL skills test.

It is of course possible to fly on an ICAO licence in the UK. However, if that licence does not include RT privileges, a UK Flight Radiotelephony Licence will be required to use the Radio Equipment on board. Heliflight's experienced instructors are fully conversant with current practices and procedures and we have our own in-house Radiotelephony Examiner.

ICAO/EASA PPL(H) with less than 100 hours of flight time

The PPL(H) requires passes in all the PPL theoretical knowledge examinations.

Flight training - Complete the minimum flight time under instruction in a aircraft at an ATO or DTO to comply with the requirements of UK Part-FCL, taking account of any credit given to the applicant as determined by the CAA on the basis of a recommendation from an ATO. Pass a PPL skills test.


All the written UK CAA exams at CPL or ATPL level are required, along with training as required at the discretion of the Head of Training, subject to meeting minimum hours requirements.

Minimum hours of instruction required depending upon total flight time experience as a helicopter pilot 

Level 1: Experience > 1000 hrs: Min 7 hrs (23 hrs credit)

Level 2: Experience 500 - 999 hrs: Min 10 hrs (20 hrs credit)

Level 3: Experience 250 - 499 hrs: Min 15 hrs (15 hrs credit)

Level 4: Experience 185 - 249 hrs: Min 20 hrs (10 hrs credit)

Level 5: Experience 155 - 184 hrs: Min 25 hrs (5 hours credit)

Pass a CPL skills test

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