Safety Management System

Policy Statement by the Accountable Manager

Safety is the responsibility of all of us, all of the time, and in everything we do. Whatever our job, we each have a constant duty to ensure that there is no harm to our customers, each other, or the general public. 

Our commitment is to: 

a) Develop and operate an effective Safety Management System to continually embed a safety culture in all our activities that recognises the importance and value of effective safety management and acknowledges at all times that safety is paramount. 

b) Ensure that safety is prioritised when considered relative to commercial, operational, and environmental conflicts. 

c) Ensure that appropriate safety information is provided to all customers and employees, and that people are aware of risks and relevant safety measures.

d) Promote and maintain a just culture of safety, with all persons encouraged to submit reports regarding safety issues at all times without fear of undue sanction.  A person who breaks the law or breaches a regulation or company procedure through a deliberate act or gross negligence cannot expect immunity from prosecution. However, if the offence was unpremeditated and unintentional, and would not have come to light except for a report, they will be mitigated against any punitive action. 

e) Encourage effective safety reporting and communication to actively manage safety with the same attention to detail to the results of other management systems in the organisation.   

f) Continually seek to enhance and improve upon all safety related issues, conveying and discussing salient information with members of the safety committee and staff at regular interval

g) observe all applicable legal requirements, standards and best practice and defining safety as a primary responsibility of all Managers.

I will ensure that all resources necessary are provided for the implementation and maintenance of this policy.

We all have an obligation to participate in the development of a positive safety culture and co-operate in striving for continuous improvement.  

Signed: Jonathan C Lane           Date:  October 2020

Accountable Manager – Heliflight (UK) Ltd




SE49, Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 6SR.