Helicopter Training School

Heliflight have been training helicopter pilots since 1996. With both full time and part time instructors, including one chief instructor and two in-house Flight Examiners, we are well equipped to provide you with comprehensive training from an initial Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) through to Commercial and Instructor ratings. We can also provide full Radiotelephony (radio) training and have our own in-house Radiotelephony Examiner.

We are conveniently located at Gloucestershire Airport, between Cheltenham and Gloucester, close to the M5 and A40. We have a range of training helicopters including the popular Robinson R22’s and Robinson R44’s, and Bell 206 Jet Rangers when you want to fly a turbine machine.

So what’s involved in learning to fly a helicopter and what opportunities lie ahead once you are qualified? The first step is to obtain a Private Pilot’s Licence. This is a qualification that allows you to fly a specific type of helicopter and it is recognised throughout Europe. The licence allows you to fly for fun and take your friends and family out and about. Most start with the R22 but you can progress to fly bigger helicopters, learn to fly at night, and get an instrument rating.

If you want to fly helicopters for a living you need to train for a commercial licence. This licence permits you to be paid for flying helicopters and requires additional training. You must have your PPL and a total of 155 hours of flying under your belt before you begin the course.

Beyond the commercial licence is the Instructor rating. This rating allows you to train students for their private and commercial pilot’s licence. Instructors are always in demand, so this can be a good qualification to have if you want to work in the industry.

Heliflight can also offer a wide range of ancillary ratings such as night flying, mountain flying, advanced navigation, and conversion courses for different types of helicopters: these include the Robinson R22 and R44, Cabri G2, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Enstrom 480, and Hughes 300 and 500. We can also offer a twin engine rating on the twin Squirrel AS355 helicopter. 

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SE49, Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 6SR.