Useful Links

Below are several useful links for safe flight planning and other websites of interest
including some helicopter landing sites at some great hotels.

Gloucestershire Airport UK CAA EASA    
  SkyWise  EHEST Training Leaflets 
A view from the Cafe     HE1 - Safety Condiderations  General Aviation Safety Council   HE2 - Helicopter Airmanship 
    HE3 - Off Airfield Landing Site Operations
Gloucestershire Directory Air Space & Safety Initiative  HE4 - Single Pilot Decision Making   HE5 - Risk Management in Training 
  SKYbray Aviation Safety  HE7 - Operations in Hilly & Mountainous Terrain 
HQ Aviation   HE8 - Threat & Error Management  Met Office   HE11 - Training & Testing of Emergency & Abnormal Procedures
    HE12 - Helicopter Performance 
Rosstyles Chauffeurs Aeronautical Information Service   HE13 - Weather Threat for VMC Flights    
  Notam Information EGAST Safety promotion leaflets for GA Pilots
Robinson Helicopter Compnay   GA3 - Weather Anticipation  
  IHSF International Helicopter Safety Foundation GA4 - Flight Close to High Ground 
Guimbal (Cabri G2)   GA5 - Piston Engine Icing
  EHEST Training Video    GA6 - Bird Strikes 
The Skyway Code  Degraded Visual Enviroment & Loss of Control GA9 - Flight Information Service 
    GA10 - In Flight Icing
  Weather Threats for VMC flights  Guide to Radiotelephony Phraseology (RT)




SE49, Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 6SR.